For Legal entities

Lending to legal entities is an important criterion for replenishing working capital, the need for which each enterprise is not stable, varies depending on working conditions: market, natural, climatic, political, etc. Using a loan, an enterprise can improve and increase production much faster than in its absence.

Sukhum-Bank CB opens settlement accounts for resident and non-resident companies in the currency of the Russian Federation and foreign currency. The number of accounts to be opened is unlimited, and to open the second and subsequent accounts, it is enough for the client to provide a shortened list of documents.

Opening of bank accounts in rubles and foreign currency is carried out by the Bank as soon as possible. In order to assist the Client, a Bank employee can make copies of the Client's documents required to open an account, as well as issue a card with samples of signatures and a seal impression.

Phone number of the accounting department: +7(840)226-79-13

Collection of cash and material assets. Our Bank provides cash collection services, valuables and securities in an armored car with armed guards. Employees who have received special training and have practical work experience are involved in the provision of services.

Deposits of legal entities. For the convenience of our clients, we provide the opportunity to attract free funds to deposits for any period in rubles and foreign currency.

When placing significant amounts, the interest rate is determined on an individual basis.

About the Bank

Limited Liability
Company Commercial Bank

Registration number: 01
Date of entry : 27.05.1994

Republic of Abkhazia, 384900
Sukhum, Leon Avenue, 31-A

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